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Lost in Space

Lost in Space
By AvengingJay
Mars, a dull, dusty, red rock floating through space, once thought to be uninhabitable is now home to ten or so humans all wondering, why were they chosen? Each of us were special in one way or another, some were engineers, others chefs, doctors or scientists with PhD like myself.

“You” He pointed his stubby finger at the group of people in front of him, “You are going to do remarkable things for not only your country but, the world.” I almost remember that day like it was yesterday.

 I was sitting in Federation Square next to my little sister, Alex. Our pompous ‘leader’ walks out and delivers the same speech as all the other countries leaders had done the night before. He was handed the golden envelop that contained the unfortunate souls name. ‘How cliché’ I thought as he opened it. My sister held onto my hand tightly as the words dropped from his mouth.
“Dr. Skylar Evans, leading biologist at Monash University” I froze. I could feel their eyes on me, watching for my every move, for my ever reaction. I think I blacked out because the next thing I remember was shaking hands with the man that was slowly and silently destroying our country.

“SKY! SKY OPEN THIS DOOR RIGHT NOW.” That thick English accent coming though my wall belonged to Thomas Smith. My only friend on this red hell is currently ruining my time away from “THE DEVIL! HE’S ON HIS WAR PATH.” I opened the door and Thomas came flying in nearly knocking me over. He was bloody and bruised, not a good sign. I automatically went to the first aid kit that I ‘stole’ from the supply cupboard and tried to patch up his face to the best of my ability. Cleaning the blood from his pale skin and dark hair I noticed hand marks around his neck.
“What is Bryce trying to do, kill you?” He chuckled a little but winced, “What did you do this time?” I asked knowingly.
“Absolutely nothing, I was in the lab doing some test when he just started to bash me. He would have killed me if it wasn't for one of the chefs coming in.” I finished patching him up when a knock on the door came. I knew who it would be and what he wanted. Elliot Bryce, AKA the Devil, was an ex-soldier who was dishonorably discharged for his ‘aggressive disciplinary methods’. The devil was the biggest pain for the handful of people that lived here on this desolate planet. He would beat us to within an inch of our life if he felt we had disobeyed him in anyway and if anyone came to our aid they too, would be beaten. He was chosen to lead us, he was chosen to be our leader.
“Sky hide” Thomas whispered trying to push me into the cupboard. I stopped him and shook my head.
“He isn't going to get the best of me. He can beat me and bash me but I will never hid, I will never give in or give up. I promised Alex” A silent tear ran down my cheek as I thought of my little sister. I opened the door. There he was, in all his ‘glory’. It wasn’t like he was overly tall but he just held himself with an air of importance. His shoulders were always square and his chest puffed out like a parrot, his cold brown eyes tried to make me flinch but no matter how hard he stared, no matter how hard he hit I would always ‘disobey’ his orders.
I laid in a crumpled heap upon the floor. My normally snow white arms were blacker than the space that surrounded me. I felt a drop of either blood or sweat roll down my cheek as I tried to breathe. There was something different about this beating. He seemed vacant, normally he would wear an evil smirk and belittle you but this time he was deathly white and just going through the motions, there was no fire behind his punches. That doesn't mean they didn't hurt. The beating lasted twice as long as it usually would, this is why I am still on the cold metal floor, physically unable to move any of my limbs.
I thought back, back to the previous month. I was so happy, being with my little sister and working hard, I felt free but now, now I was trapped. I could not talk with my family, the only communication was with some of Earth’s high and mighty leaders and even that was rare. To get a connection that lasted longer than a few seconds we had to plan for weeks and even then you never knew how long it would last.
A rough hand pulled me to my feet, Thomas. He had come for me, to fix my wounds, to make sure I healed properly. ‘Something is wrong’ I thought. His movements were jerky and rushed.
“Sky we have to go!” He pulled me by my arm at such a rate I thought it would be ripped from it’s socket.
“Where are we going?” I mumble through the pain.
“Away” He stated flatly
“From where?”
“This planet” These were the last words ever spoken in the camp. All the building had begun to explode. If you weren't killed by the explosion you were sucked out into space.
I remember the last thing that entered my eyes was the Earth, just sitting peacefully behind all the smoke, rubble, and chaos.
“Sir, the Mars colony has been successfully destroyed. No one survived.” The stern solider said before saluting his superior and leaving the room. The balding man behind the desk smiled before picking up the phone.

I will never know why they had blown us up but as soon as our names were called out at the ceremony we were to forever float around space, we were forever lost in space.

Hey, hey, hey people. Two posts within on year!?!?! Say what. Yes, I know this piece is a short story,  I wrote it for an English essay and got a pretty good score so I thought why not. I just wanted to share this with you guys and see what you all think.
If you want more short stories or even a few longer stories than just let me know :)
Keep on Avenging

Avenging Jay

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